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Russian Railways' initiatives are recognized as promising for achieving the UN Sustainable Development Goals
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Russian Railways was rewarded in the 2021 BRICS Solutions for the Sustainable Development Goals contest. The holding company's environmental safety project came first in the Affordable and Clean Energy category, while its healthy lifestyle concept became an award-winner in the Good Health and Well-Being category.

The contest was held by the Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry under the country's BRICS presidency. Its goal is to identify the most promising initiatives, technologies and solutions from the association’s member countries, the implementation of which can contribute to the achievement of the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

The contest was attended by 289 projects from five member countries of the association.

The winner in the Affordable and Clean Energy category was Russian Railways’ project "Introduction of a heating unit fueled by used wooden sleepers". It helps improve environmental safety of railway transport facilities by eliminating stockpiles of used wooden sleepers that are not suitable for re-laying.

To implement this project, a specialized transportable heating unit was developed and put into operation. Its uniqueness is in its ability to be fueled by used wooden sleepers. The heating unit is based on the technology of fuel gasification with subsequent after-burning of the resulting gases. Elimination of stock of such sleepers makes it possible to obtain inexpensive and clean heat energy - when utilizing more than 35 thousand pieces per year, the economic effect exceeds 16 million rubles.

Another award-winning project of Russian Railways in the contest was aimed at increasing physical activity among the company's employees. The Concept of Healthy Lifestyle at Russian Railways took second place in the Health and Well-Being category.
The company's management board approved the Healthy Lifestyle Concept in 2020, and its action plan is developed until 2025.

The project covers nine areas, including tobacco use prevention, enhancing physical activity, and healthy eating and drinking habits. The concept is aimed at reducing the level of stress at work, increasing the share of company employees leading a healthy lifestyle, as well as enhancing physical activity and preserving psychological health and well-being.

In the course of implementing the healthy lifestyle concept, more than 9,000 events were held involving over 220,000 company employees, or more than 30% of the total number of its staff. As an example of the events, a healthy lifestyle week was organized at Russian Railways, during which consultations with medical specialists, master classes on healthy nutrition, as well as industrial gymnastics and exercises were held daily throughout the railroad network for its employees and administrative staff.

It is worth noting that Russian Railways is the first company in Russia to have developed and approved a healthy lifestyle concept.
The high results in the BRICS Solutions for Sustainable Development Goals contest mean recognition of Russian Railways' merits in achieving the UN Sustainable Development Goals by developing clean and affordable energy and the social sphere.
Arina Belan

Historical reference
By order of Russian President Vladimir Putin, Russian Railways CEO and Chairman of the Management Board Oleg Belozerov was included among the five representatives of the Russian Federation in the BRICS Business Council. Russian Railways has participated in the activities of the Council for eight years since its establishment in 2013. In 2021, the mandate was extended until 2024. In 2022, the BRICS chairmanship passed over to China, and the work plan of the Business Council is now under development.

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