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1520 International - a new project of JSC Russian Railways and Gudok Publishing House

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Dear readers, 

Today we present to you a new project of Gudok Publishing House and JSC Russian Railways - the information portal "1520 International". Here you can read about significant events in the transport industry, new routes and test shipments, and get first-hand information about the latest technologies. We will tell you about the key projects of Russian Railways in the international arena, give an update on the holding company's activities, including new transport and logistics services and digital services. 
Russian Railways are introducing the latest digital technologies such as artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things, and big data, and started the formation of a quantum network last year. 

 The holding company applies digital technological solutions for infrastructure diagnostics and rolling stock management. The most promising projects include information modeling technologies (BIM systems) in facilities lifecycle management, automated planning of repairs and current infrastructure maintenance, an integrated system of interaction with customers in terms of freight transportation, and implementation of smart contracts on a blockchain platform.

 We will also focus our attention on the development of transit container traffic and international transport corridors, parts of which pass through the territory of the Russian Federation. The transformation of global logistics chains that has occurred in recent years against the backdrop of the pandemic has led to an increase in the share of rail transport due to its greater reliability, regularity, safety, and growing competitiveness. Direct rail and multimodal routes are increasingly becoming an alternative to the sea route, which is the basic way of transporting goods in global Euro-Asian transport chains. Taking into account the latest economic and geopolitical trends, new container flows in the Eurasian railway network are forecasted, as well as the opening of new directions of transportation (to date, there are about two hundred of them in the services of JSC UTLC ERA alone).

The share of goods delivered by rail through Russia and Eurasia as a whole is expected to grow dynamically. 

 These trends prompt market participants to talk more and more about the need to develop infrastructure and implement digital technologies. Russian Railways has successful cases of such projects in its portfolio. In recent years, the holding company has created railway facilities unique for Serbia and the entire Balkan region and is working on new projects.  It manages railways in Armenia and Mongolia. In addition, there are promising project initiatives in Africa, Asia, and Latin America. For example, a project is being prepared to modernize the railway infrastructure in Egypt. Russian Railways is ready to share its experience in the development of transport systems both in terms of freight and passenger traffic. 

 We will follow the progress of these infrastructure projects. 

 Green projects and sustainability initiatives are also coming to the fore. Railways play a crucial role in decarbonizing the economy, and the environmental factor is becoming increasingly important when choosing a mode of transportation. 
Some of the components of the sustainable development of any company are HR management and talent planning. These issues will also receive coverage on the "1520. International". 
We will help you keep abreast of the industry's life and always be aware of the latest forecasts. 

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