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Railroad lines and the experience of other countries

Russian equipment will make the railroad lines construction and repair works abroad easier

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Sinara Transport Machinery Holding Company has completed the assembly of the first Work Site Tamper track tamping/levelling/lining machine in India. The machine will be handed over to Indian Railways (IR) for full-scale operation as early as May.

The contract provides for the assembly of 2 (two) Work Site Tamper (WST) machines. 

The WST machines are designed or track repair, construction and routine maintenance and is used to level, line and tamp railway tracks.

At this point the Indian partner’s plant, SAN Engineering & Locomotives in the city of Bangalore, has fully assembled one machine. Now the acceptance testing is about to start followed by the commissioning process. “Soon we are going to convert the assembly kit, which has already been delivered to India, into the second final machine”, the head of public relations of the Sinara - Transport Machines (STM) holding, Ekaterina Godlevskaya explained to 1520 International.

Before the start of production, the holding company’s experts arrived in India and made sure that the production technology was not changed during the equipment assembly. The STM’s (this time it was the Remputmash Group, the manufacturer of track machines) employees will be present when the machine passes the acceptance tests, as well as directly participate in the commissioning process.

According to Ekaterina Godlevskaya, the Indian railway market is one of the key areas of STM export policy. For more than 10 years the company's products have been actively used by Indian partners and include 21 units of various track facilities. Besides, a comprehensive equipment maintenance has been running at five sites of Indian railways.

"Our projects are being implemented in accordance with the provisions of the Make in India program, and we aim to increase our presence in the country," noted Anton Zubikhin, first deputy general director of STM for sales and interaction with the authorities.

IR will also receive 19 more Ballast Regulating Machine (BRM) by the end of this year. The BRM series of machines is also being prepared for the shipping. Ten assembly kits are already complete and the company expects to ship them in May-June. The BRMs, like the WSTs, are supplied under the Make in India program which requires at least 51% equipment localization.

The assembly set consists of the complete drive bogie including traction motors, the power train including the power transmission, the pumping station, the air compressor unit, generators and control units. The project also provides for the design documentation development and adaptation, including the machine’s Indian units as well. The BRM is used to distribute and plan freshly dumped or cleaned ballast and has a storage hopper for dosing crushed stone and forming a ballast prism at speeds of up to 15 m/h. 

All STM railway machinery supplied to India is adapted to the requirements of the country's Ministry of Railways, thus ensuring trouble-free operation at air temperatures of up to +55 Co., humidity of up to 100% and a track gradient of up to 30 ppm. WST are produced by Remputmash Group, while BRM are manufactured at Kalugaputmash plant.

Sergey Volkov

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