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There is always an alternative

The Central Directorate for the Management of the Terminal and Warehouse Complex (CM) is developing its services in order to enter new markets.
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For example, the Central Directorate has successfully introduced and is implementing its new Freight Express service for accelerated cargo delivery between CM cargo terminals.
Freight Express is a service for reserving rail cars and delivery of cargo and containers within a certain line section as part of a freight train of a set mass and length on a given route with an increased route speed (more than 550 km/day), sent according to a set schedule. 

This service today allows competing with road transport in terms of delivery speed, while the use of a set of the CM services as a package substantially simplifies the cargo transportation process.

The Freight Express service has already been fully implemented at the Oktyabrskaya and West Siberian Directorates for the Management of the Terminal and Warehouse Complex. Currently, the Moscow Directorate has joined the implementation of the project. 

In addition, the СM has offered the business community a new transportation product that changes the logistics of cargo delivery by accelerated container trains, which are an alternative to road transport.  On October 29, 2021 a container station was opened at the Sochi Freight Yard, when a pilot container train arrived there from the Far Eastern Railway. The implementation of the project became possible thanks to joint efforts of the North Caucasian Railway and JSC RZD Business Asset.

In order to introduce a new product for Sochi, the cargo yard was modernized to facilitate dispatch of scheduled container trains: the gantry crane MKKS-42 was moved to a new track, the crane track and the storm sewer were reconstructed, and related finishing works were performed. To date, customers are invited to send container trains from Sochi station and receive them at the stations of Kuntsevo of the Moscow Railway, Tomsk-Cargo of the West Siberian Railway, Voynovka of the Sverdlovsk Railway and Pervaya Rechka of the Far Eastern Railway.

Based on the results of the works performed at the cargo yard of Sochi station, services are now provided on the principle of integrated freight forwarding, which includes not only the standard services related to loading and unloading operations and container storage, but also the option to dispatch containers as part of container trains. At the same time, the delivery of containers to the cargo yard of the Directorate with the subsequent registration of a full package of necessary documents is carried out by employees of the cargo yard.
Container trains can be formed on the principle of the Freight Express, which allows forming a container train from cars of two or more consignors and organizing the departure and arrival time of cars according to the approved schedule. Cargoes are transported in containers according to the just-in-time principle of cargo delivery, eliminating the need for additional loading and unloading operations thus significantly reducing the time of cargo delivery to the final recipient and the risk of damage to the packaging or cargo, and also allowing cargo delivery to the customer’s warehouse at a price lower than existing analogues of cargo delivery in the region. 
Highly qualified specialists of the Directorate take care of all issues related to loading, placement and fastening of cargo, ensuring its safety during transportation and compliance with traffic safety requirements.  

For the convenience of customers, the Directorate offers them a quick way to conclude a contract for the provision of road transport services for the transportation of cargo and large-capacity containers by accepting a public offer.

Unlike the conclusion of contracts for terminal and warehouse services and freight forwarding services, the procedure for concluding an offer contract takes no more than a few hours.

To conclude a contract for road transportation, it is necessary to familiarize oneself with the terms of the contract and the rates posted on the Directorate’s page on the website of Russian Railways.

After reviewing the above documents, it is necessary to send a completed and signed application to the directorate that provides service at the relevant location. The contact information of the responsible persons of each of the directorates is indicated in the contract and on the CM website.

After the registration of the application for joining the offer contract, signed by the customer and the contractor, a completed and signed order form is sent.
To date, the Kaliningrad, Krasnoyarsk, West Siberian, and Sverdlovsk directorates have started working with this form of contracts. 

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