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Traction will tap a new market

CTM-produced locomotives to be delivered to Uzbekistan for the first time
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In April STM Trading House (part of Sinara-Transport Machines Holding Company) proceeded to the manufacturing of five shunting locomotives for the Uzbek company Enter Engineering. The TEM9 and TEM14 series locomotives will be used in the construction of a chemical complex producing mineral fertilizers in Uzbekistan.

The contract for the supply of locomotives was signed in January of this year. “The contract was signed based on the results of internal competitive selection procedures of the customer, Enter Engineering,” says Anton Zubikhin, STM Trade House General Director. “This will be the first delivery of locomotives manufactured at STM Holding Company's facilities to Uzbekistan since the Soviet era”. 

According to the contract, STM will manufacture and deliver a total of five shunting locomotives, three of which are TEM9 and two are TEM14. The machines will be produced at the facilities of the Lyudinovo Locomotive Plant (part of the STM Holding Company perimeter). The locomotives for Enter Engineering will be manufactured in a special version that takes into account the operating conditions. Their cooling system will be adapted for operations in the summer period when the outside temperature is up to +50 C, and the design of the body will provide the maximum possible ventilation inside. Under the contract terms, the locomotives are to be delivered to the customer by the end of 2022. The cost of the contract is not subject to disclosure and is a trade secret.

It is planned that all the diesel locomotives will be used in the construction of a new chemical complex that will produce mineral fertilizers in Samarkand region (Samarkandkimyo), near Marokand station (Uzbekistan).

“Industrial and railway companies in Uzbekistan are of great interest for us, and we plan to increase the share of our equipment in this market,” Anton Zubikhin emphasized. “Now CTM and Enter Engineering are discussing the possibility of further deliveries, including track equipment.”

According to Muminjon Pulatov, head of Enter Engineering's special equipment procurement department, the company plans to cooperate with STM in the future. 

“The purchase of new additional equipment directly depends on the needs of our company, in particular, the increase in the volume of operations,” he noted.

TEM9 and TEM14 series diesel locomotives are already operated by a number of companies, including Gazpromtrans, Tulachermet, the Kazakh freight operator SilkwayTransit and EVRAZ Holding Company.

Today CTM products are successfully used in more than 30 countries. The holding company's team not only analyzes the overall market demand for railway equipment in the countries where it operates, but also considers opportunities to enter new markets.

“At the moment, we are most interested in the needs for machines produced in a number of 1520 space countries, including Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Belarus, Kyrgyzstan, and Mongolia,” summarized STM Trading House General Director. 

Sergei Volkov

TEM9 is a four-axle diesel locomotive with a power of 882 kW (1,200 hp), an electric transmission and wheel pair individual drive. The machine is designed for shunting operations on 1,520 mm gauge railways. Its main distinction from other models is a small turning radius (50 meters).

TEM14 is a two-diesel single-section diesel locomotive with a power of 1,764 kW (2,400 hp) designed for heavy shunting and hauling operations, as well as for use at track facilities of industrial enterprises. The diesel locomotive is equipped with an intelligent control system for its twin-diesel unit, which allows using only one engine at low traction load and automatically starts the second engine when the load on the machine increases.

 11 may 2022

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