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Track Track construction to be facilitated by Russian machinesto be facilitated by Russian machines

Sinara - Transport Machines Holding Company has delivered 26 units of special rolling stock to Kazakhstan
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In June the first batch of machines manufactured by Sinara - Transport Machines was transferred to Temirzhol Zhondeu LLP. The Russian equipment will facilitate the construction and upgrading of the track superstructure for Kazakhstani customers. 

As Gudok was told by Ekaterina Godlevskaya, the Head of Public Relations of Sinara - Transport Machines (STM), under a contract with its Kazakhstani partners STM delivered two track laying complexes, each consisting of 1 UK25/25 track crane, 3 MPK motor platforms, as well as 22 PM-820 platforms with demountable equipment.

The contract was signed on January 10, 2022, with a delivery deadline until the parties will have their obligations completely fulfilled. 

As Aibek Terekbaev, General Director of Temirzhol Zhondeu, told Gudok, 26 units of various rolling stock designed for the construction and upgrading of the track superstructure, as well as performing routine maintenance and repair were purchased for the branch "Track Machinery Station Astana" (TMS Astana, Nur-Sultan city). 

Choosing a supplier, the Kazakhstani company was considering several manufacturers of modern equipment meeting their technical requirements. 

‘According to the Procurement Rules of Temirzhol Zhondeu, it was a direct purchase from a single source from an official representative of the manufacturer, i.e. STM holding company. This holding company is large, multi-profile, its plants have rich background and expertise,’ says Aibek Terekbaev.

STM described the advantages of the equipment provided to its Kazakhstani counterparts:
‘UK25/25, a new model of track crane with cabins enabling to reduce the number of personnel operating the machine, was delivered to Kazakhstan. The MPK motor platform is designed so that the risk of damage to the overhead wires during its operation is almost completely eliminated and a higher level of safety for the personnel is ensured. This was achieved by reducing the height of the platform in the working position. The track units delivered to Temirzhol Zhondeu are – let me stress it – the first samples of STM's new generation equipment,’ explained Ekaterina Godlevskaya. 

It is worth noting that when the equipment was being transferred to TMS Astana, specialists from Kalugaputmash plant which manufactured the track crane and MPK platforms, conducted a training course on operating the equipment for their colleagues from Kazakhstan.

Both parties look forward to mutually beneficial cooperation between their companies in the future. 

Kristina Chinarova

25 july 2022

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