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Russian inventions in railway transportation are recognized as the best innovations

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In November, NIIAS JSC received gold medals at INEX 2022 International Innovation and Invention Expo. The jury highly appraised the Institute's developments in railway traffic safety. The participants in the contest presented more than 300 developments from 30 countries of the world.

INEX 2022 International Innovation and Invention Expo is a major exhibition of developments with the main objective to promote innovative technologies. The event includes both a business program and a contest of inventions. In 2022 the exhibition was held in Margao (India) with the support of the Indian Innovators Association and IBS Global.

NIIAS JSC presented three developments in the contest of inventions.

The first one is a device for predictive train scheduling based on big data processing methods, which allows transferring to flexible train scheduling at all stages of its life cycle.

The second development is an interval train control system, which makes it possible to increase the reliability of interval control systems and minimize failures in train schedules in case of faults of radio interlocking systems.

The third one is a locomotive control and driver vigilance device that expands the ability to monitor the safe behavior of engineering systems through the use of controlled artificial neural networks.

All three inventions were awarded with gold medals and highly appreciated by the members of the international jury as well as by Nilesh Karbala, Minister of Energy and Innovation of the Government of the State of Goa, and Mehdi Rajabiniha, a representative of the Iranian delegation. NIIAS JSC also received a diploma from the Innovation Incubator of India for its contribution to innovative development.

"Participation in INEX 2022 International Innovation and Invention Expo demonstrated to potential partners the advanced innovative technologies of NIIAS JSC," noted Victor Rakov, Head of the Institute's Intellectual Property Management Center. - The awards received confirm the high technical level and competitiveness of the institute's developments. Also, the participation in the exhibition allowed us to expand business cooperation with the countries of the Asia-Pacific region.

It should be recalled that in 2022 NIIAS JSC has already received gold medals for its own developments at other international venues. One of them was the International Technical Fair (Serbia) (

Anna Yakusheva

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