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Rolling Stock Is Taken On

n 2021, JSC UTLC ERA transferred the accounting of the railcars turnover to a new automated system, which not only allows the company to track railcars en-route but also identify failures and react accordingly
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Railcar turn-around is the average time taken to complete the full cycle of all railway operations from the start of one loading to the start of the next. This indicator value directly influences customer satisfaction hence it is of extra concern for UTLC ERA.

Sergey Bukreev,
Deputy Transportation Director
JSC UTLC ERASince 2017, the rolling stock turn-around has been calculated using electronic spreadsheets. The total values were calculated and displayed in the graphic editors. This year we have deployed a new automated filing system. The cases studied display the railcar average turn-around time as well as a detailed analysis. The data obtained is observed by management regularly at operational meetings. Thanks to a thorough analysis of the data, we can identify the ‘weak link’ of the transportation process and take appropriate immediate action.

The obtained data on the rolling stock turn-around is used for our company’s innovative projects. Today UTLC ERA is developing a forecasting system which helps to identify the sufficient amount of rolling stock for a particular border crossing point. Forecasts are calculated on the basis of the value of a railcar turn-around, the volume of containers declared for shipping and the current location of the flatcar. By combining all these factors today, we can forecast the necessary volume of rolling stock for the next week or month. The major challenge is a huge data array which leads to a time-consuming calculation. To speed up the process, we are planning to integrate our algorithms into current automated systems.

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